DIAMOND® Veneer Finish & DIAMOND® Veneer Finish - Sanded

DIAMOND Veneer Finish is a white finish formulated for hand application over IMPERIAL® Gypsum Base or as a finish of a two-coat system over a sanded gypsum basecoat, IMPERIAL Veneer Basecoat, or DIAMOND Veneer Basecoat.

The finish is unaggregated, allowing for a smooth or skip-trowel finish. It can also be job-aggregated with clean silica sand to create Spanish, swirl, float, and other texture types. It is harder than regular gauging and lime putty finishes and delivers a more durable wall.

The finish goes on easily, drying in as little as 24 hours under normal environmental conditions, allowing for next day decoration. The DIAMOND Veneer Finish's working properties allows work to be halted anywhere, and is easily joinable at any point in the room. Its high coverage (as much as 6,000 sq. ft. per ton) saves time and money.

The finish is recommended for interior wall and ceiling surfaces as well as over properly prepared monolithic concrete. It provides a strong, hard surface that resists abrasion and surface cracking, and can be job-sanded for use in electric cable heat systems.

Walls and ceiling systems completed with DIAMOND Veneer Finish offer up to four hour fire rating.


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IMPERIAL® Gypsum Base
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